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Georges De Mullewie

+32 (0) 479 70 84 30 gdm@indisum.com

Georges De Mullewie

Over a long career in engineering, Georges’ experience in people management kindled an ever-growing passion for learning about and working with all aspects of human behaviour. He is convinced that a culture of high value-added service can only be created by cultivating an environment where people’s positive traits shine and collaboration is seen as beneficial. In addition to his practical skills, Georges is an accomplished mentor and change-maker. He devotes himself wholeheartedly (within a strategic framework to foster a company’s growth and survival) to the challenge of bringing out the best in employees. He knows what makes them more motivated, innovative, and productive – hence more successful.

In 2016-18, he studied for an executive master’s in consulting and coaching for change (EMCCC) at INSEAD, where he acquired experience in the clinical observation of organizations and wrote a thesis on «the unconscious realm of the engineer», identifying psychological mechanisms that prevent many engineers taking a more efficient, entrepreneurial approach to work.

He completed that learning by attending workshops with Jennifer Berger (on growth edge coaching) and Robert Kegan (on immunity to change). Using the latter’s constructive-developmentalist approach as a tool to help people grow, he launched his own business, Indisum.

Indisum’s mission is to help people widen their interpretation of the world and change the way they make sense of their experiences in order to fully grasp life’s complexity. Indisum works alongside organisations to mobilise and maximise their human potential to achieve ambitious corporate objectives and targets.

Client references include:

  • Support and feedback to the CFO – banking sector, Switzerland
  • Organizational diagnosis – IT sector (IA), Portugal
  • Executive coaching – real estate investment sector, France

Leonor Lupi Bello

+32 (0) 486 88 40 09 llb@indisum.com

Leonor Lupi Bello

I can’t change my DNA – my desire to help people. My clients’ concerns quickly become my own and is what prompted me to be more creative about the question of “What can I do?”

I had spent 25 years working for a series of CEOs, directors and teams, all of them happy. But in 2017 I set myself a new challenge: to be a freelance secretary, working independently, with the a goal of having many clients.

My first concern was: How can I interact with each of those clients as if they were my only customer? Could I act like a full-time secretary – sharing the joy and pain of a ‘boss’ or a team – without the stress of switching to another client? The idea of providing a service and being paid for it was – I felt – not enough.

Yet, surprisingly, I found it was possible. A client has since told me, “You’re not here all the time, but I feel you’re there – and when you leave I have more fun working because everything is so well organised!”

Clearly, I make a difference as each customer is my only customer, even if only part-time.